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The Brand

Made in Los Angeles

Panacea CBD & Wellness is a chain of Wellness stores in Los Angeles, CA.

We specialize in providing alternative health and anxiety & pain-relief products. We carry a large selection of CBD & natural wellness products that can help you and/or your pet with anxiety, chronic pain, stress, sleep, chakra balancing, immune boosting, gut health, and more. 

At Panacea, we believe each individual is responsible for their own well-being.


Growing up... our grandfather, a well-known Gastroenterologist, would swear by a secret, natural supplement... CBD! When one of our founders was diagnosed with stomach ulcers, we turned to CBD & lo and behold... his condition improved tremendously after the ritual use of CBD. 


Our brand started with the pursuit of not only improving health but doing so with nature's own arsenal. We have done all of the research needed and personally tested many CBD products before picking our favorites. The more research we did, the more benefits we discovered for each of us. We aim to inform that who don't know about the benefits of CBD and end the controversy about CBD being used for medicinal purposes.

Essential Oils

Word of Mouth

"Just came across this new CBD spot and am in love! Wide selection of quality balms , gummies , etc. Can't wait to go back and grab some more things . I have high anxiety and body aches and these products definitely do the trick."

- Narine P. - 

"This was my first time going into the CBD store.  Was greeted very politely and wasn't pressured to buy anything.  Their prices were reasonable and they had a variety to choose from.  I will be back and it is great we have a CBD store in town.  We need more of them in town."

- Brooke S.- 

"Tried them for the first time but not the last! Great prices, good service. They even had products I can use for my dog to help him calm down because, he gets super anxious going to the groomers. They aren't located in my area but I don't mind the drive since they carry so many different types of products for different purposes."

- Sonya Y. - 

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